Team Member

Alicia Lowry

Regional Director

Education & Credentials

Business, University of Nevada, Reno; Reno, NV


My goal is for my office to exceed your expectations every step of the way. I want all of your needs to be addressed and all of your questions to be answered. I want you to feel appreciated and welcomed. I want you to feel like family.

Patient Impact

A single mother of a special needs child had taken the afternoon off work for her appointment when her babysitter called in. The mom brought her child down to the office with her, as she didnt have another option. Once she had gotten through her exam, her child became restless. The mom was overwhelmed and embarrassed and apologized profusely. I told her there was no need for that and asked her if it was alright if her son came and sat with me at the front desk. The mom agreed, and the little boy sat next to me and colored for the rest of her appointment. Afterward, she thanked me for being so kind to her son, and I told her that I understood what it could be like, as I am also the single parent of a special needs child. She said she had never felt so welcomed and sent me a thank you card for going above and beyond.

Volunteer Experience

Autism Awareness walks

Personal Biography

Alicia has been working in dentistry since 2012. She loves traveling, jogging, and most of all, being a mom. She has a son named Spencer who is autistic and does everything a little differently, and she loves his uniqueness and is very proud he is her son.

Professional Association

Member of the Autism Awareness Society